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Policies and Services

All students are bound by the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract and Student Handbook relating to Standards of Student Conduct, University housing, residential services, expectations of residential students, fire safety and all provisions as stated in the handbook.  The Student Handbook outlines the conduct procedures for violation of University policies.

The University takes the position that a resident of a given room/apartment is responsible for the actions taken by individuals in that room/apartment, even if the resident is not present at the time of the action. Such actions could be unauthorized events with alcohol, violations of the alcohol policy, in general; or other violations of residence hall/apartment policy or University policy.

The Office of Residence Life and Housing also works closely with our colleagues in University Facilities and Campus Services to provide the appropriate services, attention, and amenities for our residential students. University Facilities offers many services to our students and campus community.  Campus Services is another campus partner to the Office of Residence Life and Housing in meeting supporting our student's needs in Dining ServicesOne Card Services, and Support Services.

What are my "Rights and Responsibilities" as a student charged with an alleged violation?
For information for your "Rights and Responsibilities" as a student charged with an alleged violation, please refer to the Standards of Student Conduct.
How do I file a grievance?
All Residence Life & Housing related grievances should first be reported to Patrick Benner, Director of Residence Life & Housing.  For more information regarding Student Life Concerns, click here.