2023 Summer Housing Information

The University supports a small, vibrant undergraduate community in campus housing each summer.  Students attending summer school, participating in faculty-mentored research or university-supported internships, and summer student employees are eligible to live on campus. 


The Summer Housing application will open on March 13 and close on April 9, 2023.

The Summer housing period officially begins on May 14, 2023.  Students may sign up for different lengths of summer housing, from five- to ten- weeks.  All stays must be continuous, and all students must move out of summer housing by the universal move-out date of July 22, 2023.

Students who need to stay on campus after the end of spring term or arrive early for their summer housing period may select a move-in date of May 7th on their summer housing application as well as the appropriate length to cover your full housing need for summer.  Those students will be assigned to transitional housing while buildings are prepared for summer occupancy.

  • Students who wish to live in the apartments must have a summer housing start date of May 14th (or May 7 for transitional housing). No other start dates are permissible for summer housing in the apartments. 
  • Students who live in residence halls may select any Sunday from May 7 to June 18 as their housing start date, so long as their move-out occurs by July 22nd.

Housing Assignment: 

Summer housing assignments are based on a student's summer category.  Approved Faculty-mentored Research and URSF Internship students are eligible to live in the University Forest Apartments or in a residence hall.  All other students who are eligible for summer housing will be assigned to a residence hall.

For full information on dates and timelines for End of Spring/Summer Transitional Housing click here.