Facilities and Furniture

The Office of Residence Life and Housing works closely with our colleagues in University Facilities and Support Services to provide the appropriate services, attention, and amenities for our residential students. University Facilities offers many services to our students and campus community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is SchoolDude?

    SchoolDude is our online work order system that enables all registered users to track the progress and receive updates on work orders that they have submitted. Log in at SchoolDude to check the status of your pending requests. (Note: if you do have not have an account set up, follow the set-up instructions.)

  • What notifications will I receive after I submit a work order?
    • Work Request Received: a work order is automatically created. (Work orders are assigned Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    • Work in Progress: Work has been assigned to a maintenance tech and will be scheduled based on urgency.
    • Forwarded: A maintenance technician has completed the work and forward the work order to their supervisor for review. (If you receive this notification, and feel the work is not satisfactory, please call 804-289-8600.)
    • Complete: The supervisor has reviewed the information turned in by the technician. (Note: This may take several days after the actual work has been completed.)
    • Closed: All paperwork has been submitted and the work order is considered closed.
  • How long will it take for my request to be completed?

    For routine requests, we strive to respond within three to five days.

  • What furniture is provided in my room/apartment?

    Residence Halls:


    • University Forest Apartments are provided with Sauder Education furniture. Each resident is provided with a bed (length of 6’8"), four drawer chest, desk, 1-shelf study carrel, 2-drawer rolling pedestal, and desk chair. The dining area is equipped with one table and six chairs, while the living room is equipped with one sectional/transitional sofa, ottoman and TV/entertainment stand.
    • Gateway Village Apartments are provided with Southwest furniture. Each resident is provided with a bed (length of 6’8"), three drawer chest, desk, pedestal, and desk chair. Each bedroom is provided with one book shelf for roommates to share. The dining area is equipped with one table and four chairs, while the living room is equipped with one sectional/transitional sofa with ottoman.
  • Who do I contact if I have a furniture concern in my room/apartment?

    Support Services can be reached at 804-289-8585. Be sure to review and understand the Student Furniture Guidelines. You may also submit a Work Order.

  • I would like to bring additional furniture for my room/apartment, is there a policy?

    Yes, be sure to review the "Furniture" section of the Fire Safety Policy for regulations and limitations.

  • Are bed lofts allowed?

    Yes, but only the ones rented through our approved vendor Dorms Direct. They offer a plethora of rental items to include TV’s, futons, microfridges, and many other great items. Contact Dorms Direct to place an order and arrange for installation and pickup if you move or leave on-campus housing for any reason.

  • Are long(er) beds available?

    To request a long bed (max 7’), you must make the request by contacting the office.

    All beds on campus are 6’8". To be considered for a long bed, a student must be taller than 6’8".

    Students are encouraged to request long beds during room selection in the spring so that the bed can be delivered prior to arrival in the fall. Please remember that you cannot bunk beds that are not the same size.

  • Information about Air Condition and Heat

    The University makes a continuing effort to conserve energy and to maintain operating costs at an efficient level. The University reserves the right to operate air conditioning and/or heat equipment as necessary during high demand periods to control electricity usage. This may result in air conditioning being turned off periodically in normally air conditioned buildings. The University will transiton will make necessary transtions (i.e. heat to AC or AC to heat) as determined by seasonal temperatures. Information will be shared with all residents during each transtional period.