Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I report a lost key?

    Email Jacob Lowman or stop by the Residence Life & Housing Office, 1 Bostwick Lane.

  • What if my key is stolen?

    Contact the Police Department at 804-289-8715.

    Please also email Jacob Lowman. The lock will be changed and new keys cut.

  • How do I get my mail?

    Residential students will be assigned a University post office mailbox. Assignments for new students are usually made by August 1 for the fall term. Students may log into BannerWeb to get their mailing address.

    The post office is located at the Heilman Center. Mail is not delivered to individual rooms.

    If you have further questions, please contact Mail Services at 804-289-1890.

  • Are refrigerators and microwaves available for rent?

    Yes. A combo fridge/microwave is available for rent. Contact Dorms Direct for rental information. Students may bring a small refrigerator (4.1 cubic feet) and/or a microwave. Cooking is not allowed in the residence halls - please be sure to review the Fire Safety Policy.

  • Do I need to bring lamps?

    Yes, if you prefer lamp lighting. All rooms in our residence halls and aparments have overhead ceiling lighting.

  • What size sheets should I bring?

    Mattresses are 6’8" in all residential areas with the exception of Atlantic House, Residence Hall No. 3 (formerly Freeman Hall), and Gray Court where they are 6’5". In the summer of 2018 Atlantic House and Gray Court will receive furniture upgrades to include larger beds and mattresses to be 6’8". Please check the dimensions on the sheet package. Sizes vary depending on the company.

  • May first-year students move in early?

    No. All first-year students must move in on the same day unless they have registered for a pre-orientation program or are part of an athletic team and are required to arrive early.

  • Will I be assigned a roommate if my roommate moves out or withdraws?

    If you want to request a specific roommate, contact Taylor Walsh immediately. A vacancy is available for an assignment by the Residence Life & Housing Office at any time. There are instances, especially during winter break, when available spaces will be assigned as soon as the space becomes available due to students being wait listed for an assignment.

  • Who do I contact if I want to move?

    If you need a room change, please log into your StarRez Portal and complete the Room Change Request form in the red bar. Room Changes Requests are not guaranteed and are based upon availability and individual circumstances.

  • Who do I contact concerning damage billing?

    Email Residence Life & Housing if you have questions concerning damage billing.