Gender Flexible Housing


The Office of Residence Life and Housing offers Gender-Flexible Housing (GFH) to all interested students, including but not limited to those that identify as transgender, non-binary, and/or gender non-conforming. Students desiring to live in GFH must complete the Housing Application and pay their housing deposit by the specified dates. 

The residence hall/apartment options available for GFH will generally match the housing students would most likely receive during the general housing selection process based on social year; as such the same group priority that is used for room selection will apply for returning students. New/Entering students do not have the option to select their housing assignment and are assigned.

GFH is completely optional, and no student will be assigned to GFH unless they request it or unless the need arises. GFH is intended to foster a more inclusive residential experience for students to live together regardless of their gender. GFH is highly discouraged for romantic couples.

The ability to live in GFH is not usually available after the established application deadlines.  However, if you are interested in pursuing gender flexible housing outside of the housing selection timeline, all interested persons may contact the Director to submit a request.  As with all housing options, Gender Flexible Housing is not guaranteed and depends on space availability.

We encourage students who are interested in GFH to contact the Associate Director or Director of Residence Life & Housing in order to discuss their needs and available options.


New/Entering Students

The Office of Residence Life and Housing will work to accommodate requests of first-year students for GFH, understanding that as with all housing options – GFH is not guaranteed. 

New/Entering students interested in GFH must complete the GFH Agreement ias part of the Housing Application and pay their housing deposit by the specified dates.. Interested students will have the ability to confirm a roommate(s) through the GFH Application. Students unable to identify a roommate(s) and wish to live in GFH may also apply. The office will match and house students interested based on answers submitted on the housing application (i.e. lifestyle questions) and space available.

Returning Students (Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors)

Interested rising sophomores and above must apply for GFH by completing the GFH Application and Agreement via StarRez as part of the returning student application process in the spring. The Office of Residence Life and Housing will confirm housing deposit is paid, or waiver granted, and confirm social year.

All students involved in the selection process must complete and sign a GFH Application and Agreement as an addendum to the regular Housing Contract and pay the housing deposit by the deadline determined by the Office of Residence Life and Housing.

Principles and Procedures

Each student will be required to complete and sign the Gender Flexible Housing Application and Agreement as an addendum to their housing contract.

If a vacancy occurs within a GFH room, suite, or apartment, students will have a specified period of time (48 hours) to select a new room/suite/apartment mate, when able as the University reserves the right to make and change assignments of any student should a need arise to do so as outlined in the Housing Contract. Requests for a new room/suite/apartment mate must be made by contacting the Office of Residence Life and Housing. The requested student will be contacted to confirm that they would like to be reassigned and to confirm moving dates. If no one is selected, the University reserves the right to fill the vacancy with a student of the same gender or another student(s) who has indicated an interest in or openness to GFH. 

No student will be assigned into a GFH situation unless they have expressed an interest and accepted the GFH Agreement.

Students needing or requesting GFH will be assigned to an appropriate space, based on factors including social year, availability, etc.

Groups must have the correct number of eligible students for a suite or apartment (i.e. fill all the beds within the assigned suite or apartment), if applicable.

It is the student’s choice to tell their parents or guardians about a decision to live in GFH. It is encouraged that students have this conversation with their parents or guardians before committing to GFH since re-assignment may be difficult after Gender Flexible Housing is selected.