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To help facilitate learning and growth in each residential community, Resident Assistants create and implement programs throughout the year that address each of the four themes of the programming model that helps guide personal growth for their residents. 

First-Year Students

Residence Life strives to provide support that helps new students become acquainted with our university community, develop lifelong friendships, and begin their paths toward achieving their goals during their time at the University.

Our faculty and staff work hard to provide our first-year residents with engaging programming opportunities focusing on developing life skills, wellness, career formation, culture and diversity, and more. Many of our first-year residents also choose to live in special interest residential communities through one of the University's living-learning programs.

Each residence hall also has an upper-class resident assistant and college fellow who are available to assist students every step of the way through their first year of college.

Upperclass Students

While there are many initiatives that support students as they transition and adjust to a new college environment, Residence Life is committed to providing a tailored experience that supports upperclass students on campus and prepare them for opportunities beyond their time at UR.

Programming Themes

Community Development

Community Development programming supports residents feeling valued by classmates, faculty, and staff. These relationships should create an atmosphere where a free exchange of ideas, mutual respect, and tolerance for one another’s differences exist. Community Development programming focuses on creating a sense of belonging and engage residents as citizens in an increasingly complex and intercultural society.

Academic Development

Academic Development programming develops intellectual curiosity, the use of critical and analytical thought, and the ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources. Programming links curricular and co-curricular learning, bridge student and academic life, and can encourage interaction and engagement with professors and staff outside of the classroom.

Personal Wellness & Growth

Personal Wellness & Growth programming will help residents reflect on and gain a greater understanding of their own identities and development. This area will allow students to discover and nurture their personal wellness and well-being as students at UR. RAs are encouraged to partner with URWell staff to allow experts to be teaching good wellness practices within the halls. This area allows for opportunities to learn skills that will benefit residents outside and beyond their time at UR.


Inclusivity programming supports residents stepping out of their comfort zone to learn about cultures, ethnicities, religions, political backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, etc. different from their own.

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