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Early Arrivals, Staying for Breaks, & Summer/Transitional Housing

Below is information on the policy regarding common requests for early arrival, breaks, and transitional housing (to include transitional housing pre and post summer school). If you have additional questions, please contact the office during business hours.

Early Arrival Policy


Fall 2020 Early Arrival Groups:

  • Students approved for early arrival may be housed in the summer transitional building until their fall assignment is available.
  • Housing and meal plan arrangements for early arrival student groups must be made by the advisor, coach or staff member in conjunction with the request for early housing.
  • Unauthorized occupancy will result in immediate removal from housing as well as a possible fine plus a daily housing charge and may be referred to student conduct.
  • Belongings may not be placed in the room early.  Individual requests to arrive earlier than the group will not be approved.
  • All group requests must be submitted to Taylor Walsh by no later than Friday, July 10, 2020 and must include the following in an excel spreadsheet:
    • Column 1:  Student ID
    • Column 2:  Student Last Name
    • Column 3:  Student First Name
    • Column 4:  Date of Group Arrival/Check-in
    • Column 5:  Group/Position Name and/or Reason
  • All group requests will be reviewed and approval will be sent to the advisor, coach or staff member.

Fall 2020 Early Arrival Individual Requests (Sophomore through Senior students only):

  • Complete the early arrival application in StarRez to return on August 21st or August 22nd.
  • Arrival prior to August 23rd is very restrictive and requires approval by the Associate Director.
    • If you have a sibling who is an entering first-year student, email Taylor Walsh to request approval to arrive on a first-year move-in day.
  • Unauthorized occupancy will result in immediate removal from housing as well as a possible fine plus a daily housing charge and may be referred to student conduct.
  • Belongings may not be placed in the room early.


If you need to stay on campus after 5 pm on the 22nd you will need to complete a request to stay. You can complete a request by logging into your StarRez portal and selecting “Winter Break Housing Request” in the red bar.  All requests must be submitted by Wednesday, October 14.  Late requests will not be accepted as we must plan accordingly.

Completing a request does not guarantee approval. International students that complete a request will automatically be permitted to stay.  Students will be notified of approval by the Office of Residence Life & Housing by Friday, October 23.

 **Students requesting to stay in their on-campus residence until end of fall term/through finals:  Any student approved to stay to complete the fall term in residence on campus must depart campus by no later than Wednesday, December 16 at 5pm.  All access for students approved to stay through finals will be turned off at this time.  Please plan your travel accordingly as extended stay options will not be available.**

 **Students requesting to stay the entire winter break/until spring term begins:  Approvals to stay for the entire break will be limited.  Any student approved to stay for the entire break will receive further instruction and information.**

All students remaining on campus are held to the terms and conditions of the housing contract, housing addendum, and all policies as outlined in the student handbook, and interim policies related to COVID.

If you have any questions please contact Residence Life and Housing by phone (804-289-8930) or email (

Summer/Transitional Housing (End of Year/End of Summer)

End of School Year (May 2020):

  • Undergraduates: Must vacate 24 hours after last exam. Residence halls close Sunday, May 3rd at 12pm (noon).  Students who do not vacate according to the listed date and are not approved to stay will be assessed a fine of $50/day for each day the room is occupied.  If     necessary, items packed and stored and student will be assessed a $100 fine.  Students are not permitted to leave items in their room for Beach Week.
  • Graduating Seniors: Must vacate by Monday, May 11th at 2:00 pm.
  • Law Students:  Must vacate by Monday, May 11th at 2:00 pm.

Extended Stay Application Information:

In order to be eligible for Extended Stay Housing, you must be classified as one of the following and have a completed Summer 2020 Housing Application:

  • Registered Summer School Student
  • University Summer School Student Employee/Worker
  • University Research, Fellowship Interns, and Non-Fellowship Interns
  • International Student
  • Sibling of a Graduating Senior
  • Member of approved group or organization (e.g. Athletic team, Graduation Committee)

The Extended Stay Application will be available in StarRez April 16th. Housing is not guaranteed for requests after April 29th.  The Extended Stay housing rate is TBD.

Important Dates for Extended Stay Housing:

  • May 8th:  Transitional housing assignments will be sent to student. 
  • May 11th: Students who have requested extended housing must move to a transitional summer assignment. All student must complete their move to transitional housing move by 2:00 pm.
  • May 17th: Students in transitional housing and students arriving for summer housing move to permanent summer assignments.
    • Students assigned to residence halls may go directly to their rooms upon arrival.
    • Students assigned to UFA: pick up keys at the Office of Residence Life and Undergraduate Student Housing, Whitehurst 103, from 10am – 4pm. For late key pickup, please go to University Police Department located in the Special Programs Building.

End of Summer Term (2020):

  • Summer housing ends July 25th. 
  • Complete the Extended Stay 2 application in StarRez to request housing beginning July 25th. 
    • Information will be sent to student during the summer term in time to plan for end-of-summer transitional housing.
  • All students remaining in housing will move to a transitional location on July 26th by 2pm.
    • Student should return summer apartment keys to the Residence Life & Housing Office, Whitehurst 103. 
    • Students in transitional housing will move to permanent fall assignments on August 14th.  If your assignment is in a keyless entry building, you may go directly to your room.  If you need a key, key pick-up will be in the Residence Life & Housing Office, Whitehurst 103.