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Study Abroad

Fall Study Abroad

1.    Sign on to Star Rez in the fall to request on-campus housing for the spring semester.  The study abroad application will be available in StarRez from September 15th - October 21st .  If you will be living off campus , please email Taylor Walsh to request that your name be removed from the list of students requesting housing.  This application is only an indication that you are requesting housing.  Specific assignment/roommate requests:  email Taylor Walsh by November 1st.  Requests are not guaranteed.

2.   Assignments:  Scholars who qualify for priority housing will be at the beginning of their class year.  The priority order will be senior scholars, seniors, junior scholars, juniors, sophomore scholars, sophomores. 

3.   Housing is NOT guaranteed for returning study abroad students.

  • Students requesting on-campus housing are assigned to spaces rather than selecting spaces. Requests are considered but not guaranteed.
  • Assignments to first-year residence halls are a possibility.
  • Assignment information will be emailed to students no later than December 21st.

4.  If you choose to live off campus upon your return, you are eligible to return to on-campus housing for the following fall semester as long as you pay the housing deposit or complete your waiver (if eligible) by the deadline date.

Spring Study Abroad

If you want on-campus housing for the following fall semester, you may participate in the on-line room selection from abroad.  To participate in room selection, pay the housing deposit by the deadline.   Room selection information is on the Housing website and in StarRez.